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17.52 mm bent laminated tempered glass factory,8+8mm curved laminated safety glass price17.52 mm bent laminated tempered glass factory,8+8mm curved laminated safety glass price17.52 mm bent laminated tempered glass factory,8+8mm curved laminated safety glass price17.52 mm bent laminated tempered glass factory,8+8mm curved laminated safety glass price

17.52 mm bent laminated tempered glass factory,8+8mm curved laminated safety glass price

  • 1.Glass name: 10+10mm laminated curved glass, 88.4 bend laminated safety glass,17.52mm curved tempered laminated glass.
  • 2.Glass type: ultra clear curved laminated glass, clear curved laminated glass, frosted curved laminated glass, color printed curved tempered laminated glass, etc.
  • 3.Processing: Polished edge, drill holes, cut notches, sandblasting, screen printing, etc.
  • 4.Widely used as glass elevator, glass railings, glass roof, glass partition wall, etc.
  • 5.Certificate: AS/NZS 2208, CE/EN12150, ANSI Z97.1
  • 6.Production time: around 10-15 days after the order confirmed.
  • 7.Can add more aesthetic sense to the buildings.
  • 8.Packaging: All the glass packing in strong plywood crates with steel belt
Better price 88.4 clear laminated curved safety glass factory China

laminated tempered glass factory

88.4curved laminated glass, 17.52mm bent laminated safety glass,17.52mm bending laminated glass, 17.52mm curved glass manufacturer, 17.52mm curved toughened laminated security glass, which is processed by adhering two pieces of 5mm curved glass together with 1.52mm  PVB or SGP interlayer. Due to it is the safety glass with attractive design, widely used as interior and exterior decoration glass, such as glass lifts, glass balcony, glass roof, glass skylight, glass partitions.

laminated tempered glass

The features of 17.52mm bent laminated shatterproof glass- Glass thickness: 8+8mm- Glass radius: mini radius can be reached to 680mm- Max ARC: 1650mm; the highest can be reached to 2440mm- Glass color we can do: 17.52mm clear bent laminated glass, 17.52mm ultra clear laminated  curved glass, 17.52mm bending frosted laminated glass, 17.52mm color printed bent laminated glass, etc.- Special processing: drill holes, cutout, polished edge, logo printing, etc. all we can do it for you perfectly.

curved laminated tempered glass

The advantages of 88.4 architectural laminated curved glass panel 

 1) Safety/security: 88.4 curve bent laminated glass, the glass still sticks on the interlayer film when outside force. It is widely used for walkways and stairways, special for high-rise building. 

 2) Soundproof: PVB or SGP interlayer with soundproof functions, then 17.52mm curved laminated glass used for partition wall, it’s a great to stop the sound from outside to inside, suitable for any situation where sound proofing is of a concern. 

 3) Multilayer: laminated glass very flexible, it can matched with different thickness, multilayer glass panels, such as 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm 10+10mm 12+12mm, and triple laminated glass thickness 4+4+4mm 5+5+5mm 6+6+6mm 8+8+8mm, etc 

 4) Block out UV rays, popular used for window and skylight applications, protect the furniture not to be fade.

safety curved laminated tempered glass factory

About the applications:88.4 curve toughened laminated glass for elevators88.4 curve tempered laminated glass for balustrade railings88.4 curve bent laminated glass for roof8+8mm curve laminated glass for partition wallMany other places which safety required.

curved laminated tempered glass application

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laminated tempered glass project

KXG8+8mm curved laminated safety glass equipment

laminated tempered glass production line



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